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Why Is It Important To Get Your Piano Tuned?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Get the MOST VALUE out of your piano. Learn why your piano must be tuned regularly -

Especially if your child is taking piano lessons!

Piano tuning is the most important part of good piano maintenance.

Getting your piano tuned regularly ensures that it will sound its very best - which means that your child will sound their very best while playing the piano!

Everyone loves to play on an instrument that sounds beautiful and soothing to the ear!

If your child is learning to play the piano, is it critically important that you stay on a 6 month schedule.

For young people just learning to play a piano, ear training is so important to their success. Keeping your piano at the correct pitch can help your child to develop an excellent musical ear. If a young piano player hears the wrong “pitch” for each note on a piano, their ears will be improperly trained.

You only get one chance, when raising your young ones, to expose them to the piano.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity to properly train their ear for music. Proper ear training will help them with singing or with any other instrument they may play as well and it will stay with them throughout their entire lifetime.

How much does a tuning cost?

Piano tunings range from $150-$200 per session depending on the condition of the piano. The more information you have about the piano, the easier it is to predict the cost. Your piano tuner will give you an estimate over the phone and final quote at the tuning appointment when she can assess the piano in person.

If you are ready for a piano tune-up, request your tuning now.

Call our Piano Tuner & Studio Director Amanda Accardi

Call 631-662-1005 or email

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